Why choose Medella coconut cooking oil?

Is this proof coconut oil is GOOD for you?

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Is coconut oil a superfood?

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Coconut Oil Could Reduce The Symptoms Of Type 2 Diabetes | Diabetes Health

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Antitumor effect of medium-chain triglyceride (found in coconut oil) and its influence on the self-defense system of the body.

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Higher Consumption of Saturated Fats Reduces CVD and Mortality Rate!

An extensive research published on the renown Lancet Medical Journal proves that higher consumption of fats especially good saturated fats like from coconut oil significantly reduces mortality rate and chances of cardio vascular diseases. Download the full research publication here.

What makes Medella Premium Coconut Cooking Oil so special?

1. Physical refining

- most refinery uses solvents & chemicals like hexane to extract oil from the source which is harmful to humans if it is not properly removed. Hexane is used so that more oil yield can be achieved.

Medella Organic Premium Coconut Cooking Oil is expeller pressed & processed via physical refining which does not use any dangerous chemicals or solvents. The oil yield is less but remains natural and the purest quality of yield is achieved for our consumers.
1. 物理精煉 大多數煉油廠使用溶劑和化學品,例如己烷從源中提取油。使用己烷能使油的产量達德較高。如果不正確除去它從中對人體是有害的。 美德樂有機優質椰子烹調油用的是榨油机和物理精煉來處理的,過程不使用任何危險化學品或溶劑。出油率較少,但仍然能為消費者達到最自然最純淨的品質。

2. Not hydrogenated

- most vege cooking oil eg. sunflower, soybean, canola, palm oil are hydrogenated to make it more stable and have a longer shelf-life. The effects of hydrogenation is the production of the dreaded no.1 heart disease causing Trans-Fat!

Medella Organic Premium Coconut Cooking Oil is not hydrogenated!

Article: Coconut oil & saturated fats can make you healthy
2. 不需氫化 多数植物食用油如葵花籽油,大豆油,菜籽油和棕榈油時被氫化過,使其更長的保質期。對人體可怕的影響是,加過氫化將導致反式脂肪產生,而它可是導致心脏疾病的最大來源。 美德樂有機優質椰子烹調油沒有經過氫化! 請看文章: 鏈接

3. Neutral taste and smell

- Medella Premium Coconut Cooking Oil has been filtered using special natural filters to neutralise the taste and smell of coconut so that your food will retain its original flavour. No chemicals is used in this process.
3. 中和味道和氣味 美德樂有機優質椰子烹調油採用特殊天然的過濾器,這樣它能成功的除掉椰子味,以達到中和的味道。這過程是完全沒有使用化學品的。

4. USDA Organic certified!

- this is the guarantee that no dangerous chemicals or pesticides were used right from the plantation stage, processing, packaging and all the way to the shelf! Every step and process is inspected and audited to ensure the product adheres to strict organic guidelines.
4. 獲得USDA有機批准 这是對消費者的保證,從開始的種植階段,加工,包裝直到貨架是沒有用危險化學品或農藥的。每一個步驟和過程受到嚴格檢驗和審核,以確保產品符合嚴格的有機指引。

5. No cholestrol

- Coconut oil is from plant origin which does not contain any cholesterol. In fact; coconut oil has been proven to promote production of good cholesterol (HDL) in our body once consumed.
5. 不含膽固醇 椰子油的來源是植物,所以不包含任何膽固醇。事實上;椰子油已被證明消耗後會促進生產的好膽固醇(高密度脂蛋白)

6. The perfect & healthier cooking oil choice for deep heat cooking and frying

- Medella Organic Premium Coconut Cooking Oil has a high smoking point of +/-230°C which means it is very suitable for deep heat cooking especially frying as well as baking. Virgin oils eg. virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil although are healthy oils BUT are not suitable to be used as cooking oil due to much lower smoking point which will burn under high heat, oxidises (cancer causing) and becomes dangerous to eat.

In fact; coconut oil is now mention as the most suitable cooking oil due to its extremely stable fats that does not alter or turn toxic under high heat.

Article 1: Coconut oil & saturated fats can make you healthy

Article 2: Cooking with vegetable oils releases toxic cancer causing chemicals says experts
6. 油炸和高温烹調的完美的选择 美德樂有機優質椰子烹調油具有更高的煙點,高達240℃,使它非常適合於高溫烹調,尤其是油炸及烘烤。初榨油如初榨橄榄油和初榨椰子油,雖然列為健康的油,但並不適合用作烹調油,由于它較低的煙點將在高溫下燃燒,氧化(致癌)成為危险的食品。 事實上;現在椰子油被提及為最合適的烹調油,由於含有非常穩定性的脂肪不在高溫下改變或變毒性。 請看文章 #1: 鏈接 請看文章 #2: 鏈接

7. Rich in MCFA (medium chain triglycerides)

- Medella Premium Coconut Cooking Oil although a refined oil but has the same rich properties as virgin coconut oil which mainly is for the super healthy globally renowned Medium Chain Fatty Acids.

Article: Coconut oil & saturated fats can make you healthy
7. 富含中鏈甘油三酯 雖然美德樂有機優質椰子烹調油是成品油,卻有著初榨椰子油同樣豐富的屬性,主要是用於其全球聞名超健康的中鏈脂肪酸。 請看文章: 鏈接

8. More affordable!

- We believe that a product can be high quality and premium, but the price does not need to! Medella Organic Premium Coconut Cooking Oil is about 4 times cheaper than most organic coconut oil brands, maybe even the cheapest!
8. 更具实惠 我們認為,產品具備高品質和高檔,但價格並不需跟著上。美德樂有機優質椰子烹調油比大多數有機椰子油品牌便宜約4倍,甚至是最便宜的!

9. High grade packaging (HDPE #2)

- Unlike most other cooking oil products that uses cheap PET bottles; Medella Organic Premium Coconut Cooking Oil uses the highest and safest grade of packaging material which is the HDPE #2.

Article: Safe plastic containers
9. 高檔包裝 (High-density polyethylene #2) 一般的食用油用的是廉價的PET瓶,但美德樂有機優質椰子烹調油使用的包裝材料是最安全等級的高密度聚乙烯(HDPE #2)

10. US FDA approved

Approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration to be safe to be sold and consumed.
10. 美國FDA批准美國食品與藥品監督管理局批准安全出售和食用。

11. HALAL certified.

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