At Medella, we are strong believers that whatever we do, it must have or bring a positive impact to the communities around us and beyond especially those who are in need in the name of LOVE. The team at Medella is pleased to be involved, part of or contributors to the following campaigns;

#AddOil - Let's Fight Malnutrition With Coconut Oil

In Moises Padilla, the Philippines, 1 in 10 children under the age of 6 don’t have enough to eat.
Only 15% of families in Thusalushaka, South Africa, get the basics of good nutrition in their diet.
And in nearby Lesotho, climate change and other conditions have ravaged local food production and caused widespread malnutrition – part of the reason why 1 in 10 children die before the age of 5.

Many of these people fall victim to diseases and lack the physical strength for even basic jobs – all because of malnutrition. That’s why we're fighting malnutrition with a powerful new weapon – coconut cooking oil.

For more info or to contribute please visit: http://bit.ly/addoilsg

KL Pooch Resort and Rescue

When we were first contacted by a contributor of KLPR to supply our Medella Coconut Cooking Oil to them, we were baffled. "Can animals consume coconut oil too?" we thought. Only to realise later that not only can they consume it but coconut oil does wonders not just for humans but animals as well, and the benefits are outstanding! Especially for the sick or injured ones, coconut oil helps them heal faster and their fur grows back quicker with a much more healthier/thicker coat. Ever since then we have been supplying KLPR for now over 2 years and we're so glad we're able to help in a small way to a great cause.

We managed to catch up with the co-founders Shannon and Mari of KLPR to see how they are doing and how else we can support their cause. Watch the video and please do consider contributing to them!

For more info or to contribute please visit: http://bit.ly/klpooch